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Delight and surprise your customers by making your phone-in experience seamless. Turn your staff into superheros by predicting your customers' needs. iPad VoiP App

Know your customer

When a call comes in, Voicee instantly scans your POS, detects if the incoming number is known in your database and retrieves the customer’s full name and even pre-loads their last successful order!

Delight your customers

Voicee makes every interaction with your customers special. You can now answer every call with a personalised greeting:

Thank's for calling Gabi! Would you like your Almond Milk Latte again or something new?
Voicee Caller ID

About Voicee

We started designing and envisioning Voicee in 2019 when we were consistently getting asked about caller ID for Lightspeed Kounta POS from our customers. Lightspeed Kounta POS has always been cloud-first, meaning we had to re-imagine how caller ID technology would work to accommodate this.

After many iterations and 1000’s of engineering hours, we’re proud to finally present Voicee as our flagship solution for caller ID. Designed with hospitality in mind, we’re confident that our solution will save you time and your sanity.

Calls Handled
Hours talk time

Global infrastructure for rock solid performance

We’ve designed Voicee on top of a global infrastructure that can handle an infinite amount of simultaneous calls. No matter where your VoIP phone is in the world, we will be able to connect you with your customer, with clear HD audio.