Cloud Caller ID without any additional hardware.

Instant Caller ID that works perfectly with your POS

Easily identify your repeat customers, and auto-create new ones, straight into your POS.

Delight and surprise your loyal customers by answering your phone with a customised message tailored for them.

Don’t have the customer in your datbase? No problem, with Voicee we autofill a new customer in your POS database with their number Prefilled!

Designed to work with Lightspeed Kounta POS

We work closely with Lightspeed Kounta POS to seamlessly integrate our features with your Cloud POS.

When a new customer calls, we auto-create a customer record with their incoming number pre-filled, ensuring that your staff never incorrectly collect data or have to waste time collecting information from the customer.

How does it work?

Voicee’s unique Caller ID technology works by utilising the best in class cloud-first technology.

Voicee collects and stores your customer database into a secure, super-high speed database. When a customer calls your number, Voicee scans your database, and within 100ms (yes, a blink of the eye), we retrieved the customer’s name and even their last successful order!

How much will you save with Voicee?

On average, how many calls do you get per weekday?
On average businesses get about 5-15 calls between Monday to Thursday

On average, how many calls do you get per day on a weekend?
On average businesses get about 20-30 between Friday to Sunday

What is your average hourly wage?

By using Voicee you will save

${{ savings }} p/month in lost time

How do we calculate your savings? By using Voicee's caller ID and caller detection software, we will save your staff 30 seconds with every phone call, saving them from searching for your customer's details or manually inputting their phone details.

We guarantee that the cost of Voicee will be covered by wages saved. Check out our pricing.