Visual Voicemail for your Landline phone

Voicemail that's easy to use.

With Voicee’s Voicemail Centre, visually see your voicemails, easily keep track of the ones you need to follow up on. You can finally say goodbye to your old, hard-to-use Voicemail system for good!

Access your Voicemails anywhere, with unlimited cloud storage

Work from anywhere with the Voicemail Centre with unlimited cloud storage.

Any voicemails recorded at your site (or multiple sites) will be consolidated into your Voicemail centre and accessible from any device with a browser, your phone, iPad, Desktop or even a TV with a web browser.

You can leave notes on every voicemail so you never lose track of what you’ve followed up on and work with your team to deliver exceptional customer service.

* Unlimited Cloud Storage only available on Pro sites. 30 Day storage for Starter Sites.

Tag, classify and notify

Your call workflow can be as complex as you need, including multiple Voicemail endpoints. For example, say you setup a interactive question, “Press 1 for Takeaway, or Press 2 for Reservations” – you can use tags to classify if the Voicemail left was because the caller came through the takeaway route or the reservations route.

Additionally, you can notify different users based on the tag that was applied. For example, if a tag is applied for reservations, you can send a notification to your reservation manager as soon as a new voicemail arrives.


Build your customer database easily with Voicee

By using Voicee’s Caller ID technology, you can easily build a database of customer mobile phones without a second thought.

Learn more about Voicee’s caller ID technology