Smart AutoQ - A beautiful waiting experience

Smart Queue SIP
Available on the Pro Plan

Give your customers a seamless experience.

Your customers will never hear a busy tone again! Instead, use the AutoQ feature to play custom hold music/audio to your customers while they wait for one of your phones to become available.

The moment one or more of your selected devices becomes available, your customers will seamlessly bridge to that device. It’s a beautiful experience that meets functionality and simplicity.

Perfectly integrate with your POS to only create a new customer order when the phone starts ringing.

Postpone calls when you need a spare 30 seconds

Ever needed a few more seconds to help serve a customer when the phone rings? Now you can use theĀ PostponeĀ feature to give you a bit more time before answering a call. Simply Reject the call by clicking “Reject” on your device, your customers will be placed back into the Queue for an additional 30 seconds.

Your staff will love you for it

Flustered by getting many calls while you’re already on the phone? Your 6pm dinner rush can finally be more organise and peaceful with AutoQ.

AutoQ will intelligently queue your customers calls one after another, only ringing your phone the moment you finish with another call. Giving you the time to serve your customers with your full attention.