All pricing billed in AUD inclusive of GST. Priced per month, per site.

Using Voicee will save you time, wages and greatly improve your customer experience.

On average, how many calls do you get per weekday?
On average businesses get about 5-15 calls between Monday to Thursday

On average, how many calls do you get per day on a weekend?
On average businesses get about 20-30 between Friday to Sunday

What is your average hourly wage?

By using Voicee you will save

${{ savings }} p/month in lost time

How do we calculate your savings? By using Voicee's caller ID and caller detection software, we will save your staff 30 seconds with every phone call, saving them from searching for your customer's details or manually inputting their phone details.

No Contracts

Start, Upgrade, Stop anytime. No commitments or contracts.
* Phone numbers are released on the Free plan

Pay Monthly

Securely connect your credit or debit card to easily pay your subscription.

Better for our earth

Voicee uses technology specifically designed to reduce energy impact

Feature Comparison

Free Starter Pro
Setup Cost FREE FREE
Included Numbers 0 1 1
Included Devices 0 1 1
Concurrent Calls 1 Unlimited
SMS Pricing, per SMS (inc GST) 13.9c 9.9c 8.9c
Inbound Calls Unlimited Unlimited
Outbound Calls Unlimited
Cloud Visual Voicemail
With Voicemail Centre
Voicemail Storage 30 days Unlimited
Port your existing number in $30
once off Fee
Additional Public Number $15
Additional Device $20
Call Optimisations
POS Integration
Caller ID
Create new Orders + Pre-fill Last Order
Search for existing Orders
Customised Workflows
Call Transfers
Custom POS Notes & Message
Workflow Features
Line hunting
Time Scheduling
Upload Custom Audio
Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
Custom Text to Speech Messages
Voicemail Tagging & Customised Email Notifications