Make beautiful call flows, easily.

Drag Drop Call Editor
Available on the Pro Plan
Caller Time based Routing

Give your customers a seamless experience.

You want every aspect of your business experience to be seamless for your customers, and every touchpoint needs to be perfect.

When a customer calls, you can easily route their calls depending on elements you define like the time of day, or if they select “1” to go to take away ordering.

Love your phone again

Now you can control the flow of your calls and give your customers instant information without consuming your time.

Lets say you open at 5pm, instead of getting calls non-stop to Voicemail, you can easily route your customers to a pre-recorded message with your opening hours.

Got a busy holiday coming up? Before you even start your call, you can announce some important information about bookings or reservations.

The sky’s the limit, build it to your business needs!