SMS Marketing made for business

Send SMS, simple!

We make sending bulk SMS simple. Create your message, filter the right recipients, set your schedule and send. No additional hardware needed.

Filter down to the right customer; synced from your POS

Find the best customers to send your message too; based on the number of times they’ve called your Voicee activated phone, which site they called last*, or how much they’ve spent with you when you integrate your POS with Voicee.

Reward loyalty or nudge your customers to another purchase

* Site filtering only works with companies that have multiple sites that use Voicee IP Phones

Compliant by default

SMS Advertising in has some strict compliance requirements that we enable right out of the box when using Voicee. Ensuring that you don’t have to worry about ACMA fines or warnings.

  • All SMS messages are sent with your business name instead of a random mobile number.
  • Unsubscription links are automatically created and managed for every customer.
  • All links from Voicee are monitored, tracked and checked for SPAM/Security prior to sending.

Build your SMS Marketing database easily with Voicee

By using Voicee’s Caller ID technology, you can easily build a database of customer mobile phones without any extra effort.

Learn more about Voicee’s caller ID technology

Cheap Bulk SMS, with no commitment

Use Voicee’s SMS Marketing feature without a subscription for 13.9c

Get an even better rate at AU 9.9c per SMS (including GST) when you have any active Voicee subscriptions within your company.

Additional discounts apply for heavy users.