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3 Tips to run a successful restaurant on Uber Eats

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It’s no surprise that many consumers are flocking to delivery services during the COVID-19 crisis, in Australia Uber Eats dominates the food delivery market and any business serving food needs to strongly consider using Uber Eats.

Uber eats attracts millions of eyeballs on their platform each day, in addition to providing the last-mile delivery service. When considering their business model, their real value to many businesses is exposure – and not delivery. For this exposure, they take a percentage of the sale from the vendor (you), and this can be quite significant, cutting into your bottom line. In this blog post, we’ll look at what our most successful customers do to ensure they run a successful operation on Uber Eats.

1. Strategically Limit your Menu

When launching to Uber Eats, strategically select the products which are:

  • Fast, Pre-prepared, easy to make and travels well
  • High Margin

The ultimate products for this are beverages. Think about segmenting your products or bundling them into your Uber products. For example, many Burger shops provide unique and delicious shakes. These often have very low COG (Cost of Goods), very low labour costs and travel extremely well.

2. Ensure your menu pictures are clear and complete.

A picture says 1000 words, and in the case of a menu, you’ll 10’s or even 100’s of thousands. Menu pictures will increase conversions by 2-3x compared to Menu items that do not have a picture.

Ensure you menu pictures are consistent. Meaning that the photography shares the same lighting and style. Ensure that your menu items are sharp, in focus and above all, show exactly what the customer is getting. If this burger has lettuce, tomato and onion, make it visible.

3. Fix mistakes quickly.

Uber Eats, or the customer, will inevitably have a problem, and it’s important that the drivers and your customers have a way to contact you quickly and effectively. Ultimately if there is a mistake, your star rating will rely on how quickly you can resolve the issue.

The absolutely best way for your customers to contact you is by phone. By getting a cloud landline phone you can quickly create a landline phone number, literally registering your new number in seconds and have it instantly activated ready to accept calls. If you want to get super fancy, you can also create an IVR using Voicee’s drag and drop technology to direct customers to help serve them quickly. For example, you can get them to Press 1 to follow up on an existing Uber order, or Press 2 to start a new order. If the customer selects 1, Voicee can automatically link the incoming number with the order from Uber (*requires your POS to integrate with a service like Deliverect).

Uber Eats, and other delivery platforms are changing the way we eat and hospitality businesses operate. Follow these top 3 tips to ensure you’re getting the best from your Uber Eats journey.

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